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Affordable Championship Golf


The Links at Stillwater delivers a fantastic golf experience due to the clever design by Lyndy Lindsey.  Generous fairways reward you, while winding creeks can catch you if your not paying attention.  The large greens give you a sigh of relief during your round.


Course Tour


Hole 1

Par 4

Yardage: 403


A good starting hole over Boomer Lake with a dogleg to the left. Several bunkers guard a fairly flat green.


Hole 2

Par 3

Yardage: 161


A straightforward Par 3 with no bunkers around the green that is nestled in a wooded area.


Hole 3

Par 4

Yardage: 356


Number 3 is a tight par 4 with a small green. A few fairway bunkers near the green should make a smart player lay-up.


Hole 4

Par 5

Yardage: 566


A dogleg left that passes over Boomer lake twice with a tight second shot required.  Bunkers guard the green.


Hole 5

Par 4

Yardage: 324


This straight shot to a fairway green travels by an old silo built in the early 1900’s.


Hole 6

Par 3

Yardage 97


Bunkers are placed in front of this short hole to make you think twice about an easy birdie.


Hole 7

Par 4

Yardage: 271


13 sand traps. Pay attention on this hole or your going to be in trouble.


Hole 8

Par 5

Yardage: 504


Players must avoid the two fairway traps to be successful on No. 8. An elevated green is protected in the front by bunkers on either side.


Hole 9

Par 4

Yardage: 367


With a hard dogleg left, this hole has large bunkers guarding the green.


Hole 10

Par 4

Yardage: 387


A dogleg left par 4 hole that is not extremely tight, but the greens sit in a grove of trees.


Hole 11

Par 4

Yardage: 416


A dogleg right par 4 with a lake view left and a creek between greens makes this hole tough in the woods.


Hole 12

Par 4

Yardage 403


A straight away par 4 out of a shoot of Cottonwood trees. This is a great hole.


Hole 13

Par 4

Yardage: 404


A straight away hole in the Cottonwoods, accuracy is a premium.


Hole 14

Par 3

Yardage: 180


Still in the Cottonwoods, this is a great par 3 with a creek to the left of the green.


Hole 15

Par 4

Yardage: 397


A straight forward par 4 right in line with the trees making this a very natural hole.


Hole 16

Par 3

Yardage: 103


A tricky little sucker.  Let me know how you did!


Hole 17

Par 4

Yardage: 413


This is another great par 4 in the woods to a small green.


Hole 18

Par 5

Yardage: 506


A fun hole with a hit drive over the creek then a second shot over the creek then a third shot over Boomer Creek.





Tees Total Yardage

  • Black (Championship) 6258

  • Orange (Mens) 5788

  • White (Seniors) 5361

  • Red (Ladies) 4728


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